Meeting Log

Meeting 1:

Within this meeting we went over our proposals. The aim of this was to discuss our project in an open environment, to give all the other group members insight into our projects. Individually, we went over any initial research ideas we had which would later contribute to our research reports. At this stage, I knew I wanted to create a horror game, I also knew I wanted to look into the psychology behind horror games for my report, however I wasn’t 100% certain on specific research pathways. This meeting was very beneficial and helpful as talking to Barry and my other group members gave me more of a direction and thought process for my research and project in general.

Meeting 2: 

By this point, I developed a greater idea on what aspects I wanted to research into for my report. One by one we discussed all our ideas and gained useful and constructive feedback. As our final proposal hand in is soon approaching, we discussed any improvements and changes that could be made. With all my other group members developing Virtual Reality based projects, Barry suggested I could develop my horror game to be for VR as well. I first I found this slightly intimidating as I knew this would be challenging, but for the technical purposes of my project I thought it would be a interesting learning experience. From this meeting, I was able to make the needed changes to my proposal and gather more ideas for research now VR was a part of my project.

Meeting 3:

Within this meeting we were introduced to a new addition to our group, the meeting started off with them giving us an overview of their project, this was interesting as their project was completely different to ours. For the rest of the session Barry discussed the main areas of research we needed to cover in our reports, this consisted of; domain research, technical research, educational/ academic research and user focused research. This was extremely helpful as it gave me the direction I needed in order to form my research threads.

Meeting 4:

Within this weeks meeting as a group we collectively discussed our upcoming presentations. Barry gave us details on the presentation and what had to be in it.

Meeting 5:

This weeks meeting was very similar to our last meeting, due to our presentations coming up, discussions on this subject matter were held.

Meeting 6:

The focus on this session was presenting our research presentations to Barry who was marking alongside other group members. Each presentation was 10 minutes long and was followed by a Q&A. My presentation was extremely successful, due to having tonsillitis I was nervous with regards to performance, however it went better than I was expected. Everyone shown a large amount of interest and enjoyment which was a confidence booster. Due to good preparation I didn’t go over the time limit, which meant I was able to say everything I wanted and had to without having to miss aspects out due to lack of time.

Meeting 7:

This was our first session back after the christmas break, the aim of this session was to discuss and review our progression so far. Due to having our prototype demonstration on the 30th, we also had a discussion on what needed to be done for this. Up until this current point, I had started to develop the aesthetic aspects of my project like my environment alongside adding technical functionality. Due to technical difficulties I haven’t been able to implement the VR aspect. I went to so that I could show this in the demonstration however when I updated my Unity to add this feature, it warned me that my API’s may crash leading to dysfunction with my project. Due to not having a back up copy of my project I wasn’t able to take the risk at this moment in time.

Meeting 8:

This session was for our prototype demonstrations, our CTP group was put together with Keir’s group to form a bigger class. One by one we presented our prototype video demonstrations; displaying the progress made up to date. I was satisfied with my video despite not having a voice over, I felt talking over would be a better option for myself. Due to being very unwell at the time due to an unfortunate incident that happened just 2 days before this, I was afraid I wouldn’t be capable of performing. Despite being unwell, my demonstration went extremely well, everyone in Keir’s group shown a huge amount of interest and made very positive comments towards my work which I was ecstatic about. The Q&A after my presentation also went really well, both Barry and Keir asked me a selection of questions, all to which I was about to answer confidently.

Meeting 9:

This session was revolved around the next steps for our projects as it was important we were making a constant flow of progression. For me my next steps were to add the task within my game; collecting the scattered notes. I know roughly how to due this, however I’m going to have to undertake some research in order to gain a better idea of how to execute the script for this element.

Meeting 10:

Meeting 11:

The focus of this session was to give barry insight into any problems we were having throughout the development of our prototypes. My main issue is still the implementation of VR. As I still haven’t been able to update my Unity and make a second copy I didn’t want any delays in progression, therefore I continued to work on the development of the technicality and aesthetics of my project. I explained that in my proposal I stated I will be aiming to produce both a VR and PC version. I decided this so I had a back up incase I was unable to produce one of them. I explained that I hopefully will have the VR aspect working, however if I wasn’t able to achieve this due to technical difficulties and not having the appropriate software to do so, I would still have a solid project to display.

After this we looked into the final report structure and what was expected for the final submission.






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