Introduction/ Research Threads


Introduction/ Research Threads

For the production side of my Creative Tech Project, I will be developing a short level/ chapter of a VR horror game. In order to produce this, it was essential I did some primary and secondary research revolving around the topics of horror and VR. Therefore, for the research aspect of this project I decided to look into the psychology behind horror games and how VR impacts player immersion within this genre.

In order to gather a variety of mixed findings, for my research threads I looked into topics that fell into the areas of technical research, domain research, educational/ academic research and user focused research. With that being said, my research threads are:

  • The psychology behind horror games
  • Player immersion through VR
  • Social and ethical concerns regarding VR horror games
  • Psychological, mental and health implications/ effects
  • Regulation, content warning and health & safety

Within this research blog, I will discuss in depth all my findings and analyse all my primary and secondary research content. I will be looking into a variety of content ranging from articles, interviews, journals, forums, video and so on.


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